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Lighting Flash Conter

S 4.50

Family : Lightning conductor
Category : Prevectron


The PREVECTRON®2 is operating in three stages:

  • The ionization device is charged via the lower electrodes using the ambient electrical field (several million volts/meter when storms are prevalent). This means the PREVECTRON®2 is a fully autonomous system requiring no external power supply.
  • The ionization phenomenon is controlled by a device which detects the appearance of a downward leader: the local electrical field increases rapidly when a discharge is imminent.The PREVECTRON®2 detects changes within the field, making it the first E.S.E. air terminal to react at the precise moment the downward leader develops from the cloud to the ground.
  • Early triggering of the upward leader using a system of spark ionization between the upper electrodes and the central tip. The PREVECTRON®2?s ability to trigger an upward leader ahead of any other protruding point within the protected area ensures it will be the preferential point of impact for the lightning discharge.

Key Benefits

The skills of INDELEC?s engineers, the vriety of tests carried out in both high-voltage laboratories and real-life lightning conditions, and the experience gained from the thousands of PREVCTRON 2 installations around the world, have allowed us to develop a complete range of lightning conductors offering a host of key benefits :
  • 5-model range offering customized solutions for each project (aesthetic constraints,requires protection area, etc.)
  • Fully autonomous operation)
  • Total reliability, even in extreme climatic conditions
  • Proven, robust design able to withstand multiple lightning strikes
  • Lightning conductor only becomes active when electrical field intensity rises (lightning discharge likely), the PREVECTRON 2 presents no danger to the site
  • Straightforward installation and maintenance using tools specially developed by INDELEC, including protection calculation software, strike counter and PREVECTRON tester
  • High-Voltage laboratory test results available on request
  • Real-life test results and scientific reports available on request
  • Ultra-safe capture tip thanks to full electrical continuity between the tip and the earth point
  • ISO 9001-2000 manufacturing process (certificate #116884)

Protection area

The protection area Rp of a PREVECTRON®2 lightning conductor is calculated according to French Standard NF C 17-102.
The protection area depends on a number of factors:
  • Gain in triggering time ?T of the chosen PREVECTRON®2 which allows the ?L value to be determined according to the formula ?L (m) = V(m/_s) .?T(_s).
  • The protection level required (I, II, III or IV) on a given site, according to the lightning risk assessment guide
  • The actual height of the lightning air terminal above the surface to be protected (h)

Height (m) Level I
Level II
Level III
Level IV
2 27 30 34 38
3 41 45 52 57
4 55 60 69 76
5 68 76 86 95
10 69 77 88 98

Intitulé Réf. Dimensions (m) Poids (kg)
New Ref. P1233C dia:185mm h:385mm 5.322 kg