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Self Testing Prevectron S 6.60 T

Family : Lightning conductor
Category : Prevectron

The self-testing PREVECTRON® 2 Millenium S6.60T lightning conductor allows to check that the triggering device is operating properly without having to access to the lightning air terminal.

The test is initiated from the ground or from the roof terrace, at a maximum distance of 50m, using a dedicated remote control unit.

The PREVECTRON® lightning air terminal indicates its operational status itself by lighting up powerful LEDs located under the stainless steel casing.

  • After a self-check cycle, the result of the test appears spontaneously.
  • The procedure is triggered remotely.
  • The analysis result is observed directly on the lightning conductor.

  • The power supply circuit for the test does not require a battery because energy is provided directly by the solar panel. Consequently the lightning conductor does not require any additional maintenance or periodic disassembly, which is essential for replacing a battery.
  • The product's lifetime is not limited by the additional test circuit.

  • The test can be carried out during daytime within a wide outdoor temperature range.

  • Only the triggering of the test is carried out by remote control, guaranteeing the system's reliability.

  • The communication module is in a separate enclosure underneath the PREVECTRON® 2 and has reinforced EMC protection.

  • The protection performance characteristics of the PREVECTRON® 2 Millenium S6.60T Lightning Conductor remain unchanged.

Intitulé Réf. Dimensions (m) Poids (kg)
Self Testing Prevectron S 6.60 T P1243T dia: 185 mm h: 385 mm 5.6