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ADC KRONE's Carrier Networks solutions are designed to help Carriers and Telecom Service Providers meet the challenge of bandwidth-hungry applications head on. From design to installation, Carrier Networks combines high quality copper and fibre products and services for all areas of the public network - from the Central Office and Local Loop to the customer.
This capability is built on best-of-breed copper and fibre cable and components and unparalleled experience in providing total network solutions to many of the world's leading network operators. Under the Carrier Networks umbrella, ADC KRONE has built a total capability to deliver network solutions and provision infrastructures with high integrity design providing built-in network security. In addition, Carrier Networks solutions also integrate seamlessly with our Enterprise Networks range of products ensuring true "End to End" Connectivity.
In today's fast evolving Carrier Networks the capability to deliver more and more bandwidth-hungry services to the subscriber is one of the single-most important industry drivers for Network Operators.
Carrier Networks Solutions

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